Some Easy and Quirky Life Hacks That you Must Know

There are many situations in life that make your life really terrible and these little obstacles in life can truly ruin your day to day life. But, there is certain life saving and Quirky Life Hacks available that can easily eliminate all these first world problems with ease. These life hacks are easy to use and they are designed to make your life faster and easier. These inexpensive and marvelous life hacks can help you to keep your house organized, de-cluster the house, preserve and prolong the products in home and also educate you about something and new things that you simply didn’t know earlier.

Some of The Best and Quirky Life Hacks for Daily Life

·         There are many people who are annoyed with the residue built-up on the shower head. However, to remove the built up residue you simply need to tie a plastic bag comprising vinegar around the shower head and remove it after 30 minutes and turn the shower on for a minute. It will remove the built up residue. But, if you are still not satisfied, then you may repeat the process again and leave it for overnight this time.

·         Place a plastic wrap on the stems of the banana if you want to keep them stay fresh longer for a week and cut off the bananas off as required after one week.

·         If electricity goes suddenly, you are not required to burn yourself to reach the candles. You may simply a stick of spaghetti and light it up for a minute until you reaches the candle.


·         At the time when you reheat the leftover in your microwave, you must always remember to place a glass of water along with it inside the open to prevent the food from losing it moisture.